Before deciding to join the Fantasy Network, and having your website designed by us, please take a look at our short FAQ's.

If you have a question that is not mentioned in the FAQ's, please contact us.

Fantasy Network FAQ's

Will you create a website for anyone?

No - We only create websites for any of our FantasyCams.Online performers.

How come you design websites for free?

We understand how important it is for our FantasyCams.Online performers to make money, and because of this, we do not believe you need to be charged hundreds of pounds to have your own website!

What Percentage Do I Get From My Earnings?

From your Fantasy Network website you will receive 70% from webcam shows, phone chat, video sales, photo set sales and 80% from any payments received via credit donations to you. Our software and credit transaction company Webstream Ltd charge 25% for streaming of the webcam, videos, photo sets, phone chat connection, and 15% for credit donation transactions. The further 5% is to help cover the costs of hosting your Fantasy Network website.

Are there any conditions to me having my own FREE Fantasy Network website?

Yes, we have 3 conditions that you must accept before having your FREE Fantasy Network website. These are:

1) You must promote on a regular basis that you have a website,

2) You go online at least once a week for either a webcam show or phone chat.

3) You are able to sell on a regular basis your video and photo set content, or take credit donation payments.

Can I choose the colour scheme for my website?

Yes you choose the complete colour scheme you would like, and we will build your website around that.

Can I have the domain name of my choice?

Yes you can choose any domian name you wish. If your chosen domain name is not available, we will then advise you on the alternatives.

How long does it take to create my website?

Once we have all the information required, typically a website takes about 7-10 days, sometimes quicker depending on what you require on your website.

Can I see your work?

Yes once we finish a website, we will promote it on the Fantasy Websites page with a link for you to click.

Can my website be viewed on a smart phone/tablet?

Yes we will create a responsive smart phone/tablet version of your website.

Will my website be found on search engines?

Yes we will include all search engine optimization as part of your design. Please note that it can take up to 1 month for your website to be found on search engines. This depends on the amount of visits your website receives. So promoting your website is very important!

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