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Members FAQ's

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up to FantasyCams couldn't be easier. You can either sign up for an account when you click on one of our Fantasy Ladies Webcam, Phone Chat or Donate Credits buttons, and going to the Sign Up tab. Alternatively you can sign up from a Fantasy Ladies' Video/Photo Set Store, or by using the Client Log In form below, and clicking on the Not A Member? Click Here To Register link.

Is My Account Free?

YES! Signing up for an account is FREE! You not only become a member of FantasyCams.Online for free, but you also become a member of the Fantasy Network, which means you are automatically a member of ALL our Fantasy Ladies' websites!

How Do I View The Fantasy Ladies' Webcam Shows?

To view all our Fantasy Ladies on webcam, you will need to add credits to your account, and join either one of our Fantasy Ladies' Group or Private pay per minute shows. You can choose either shows when you click on a Fantasy Ladies' webcam button. Your credits will never expire so you can use them whenever you like.

Can I Watch From My Phone?

Yes, all Fantasy Ladies' webcam shows are compatible to be viewed on both phones and tablets, without the need to download any extra software.

Can I Have A Phone Chat With A Fantasy Lady?

Yes you can. Some of our Fatasy Ladies will be offering Fantasy Phone Chats. Just click on the Call Me Now button, choose the country from where you are calling from, and follow the instructions that you will see.

How Much Do Credits Cost?

You can choose to buy your credits in either GBP, USD or Euros. The minimum amount of credits that you can buy are 20 credits, which will cost £20/ $33/ €24.

You can of course buy more credits in bulk, with the maximum being 1000 credits which will cost £1000 / $1650 / €1230.

Which Cards Do You Accept?

All Visa and Mastercard including Visa Debit are accepted. American Express is not accepted due to the high fraud level associated with American Express cards in certain countries

Is Buying Credits Secure?

Yes when you purchase your credits, you will be directed to a secure epayments page, and once you have paid for your credits, you will automatically be redirected back to FantasyCams.Online.

Will FantasyCams.Online Appear On MY Card Statement?

No! The name that will appear on your cards statement will be Webstream Ltd

Do You Offer Free Rooms?

Some of our Fantasy Ladies will have their rooms open for free. This means you will be able to view that Fantasy Lady free for 10 minutes in a single 24 hour period. You will still need to sign up for an account to be able to access free rooms. Once your 10 minutes are over, you will be asked to go into a Group or Private show in order to keep watching. Please note that a free room session is for getting to know our Fantasy Ladies. Please do not ask for any XXX shows, you will need to go into a Group or Private show for this. Our Fantasy Ladies have the option to ban any member who constantly asks for a XXX show in a

free room session!

Can I Two Way Cam With A Fantasy Lady?

Yes, two way cam is available in Private shows only, and depending on your device compatibility. Just take a Fantasy Lady into a Private show, and request your two way cam session.

Can I Tip A Fantasy Lady?

Yes you most certainly can! While enjoying your Fantasy Ladies' webcam show, you will have the chance to tip during the show. When a Fantasy Lady is offline, you will still be able to send offline tips via the donation of credits button which you will find on the Fantasy Ladies' profile pages. When sending your offline tip please fill in your name and email address, and why not send the Fantasy Lady that you are tipping a message. to show your appreciation. Some of our Fantasy Ladies, also offer tips for gifts, and you can tip for those too.

How Do I Buy From A Fantasy Ladies' Store?

You can view any Fantasy Ladies' that has their own store from the "My Store" lsection their profile page. Choose the store items that you would like to buy, and pay for your items using the donation of credits button. All purchases must include your name, email address and in the message box the code or codes for multiple purchases, for the item/s you are buying. Once your purchase has been made, your Fantasy Lady will email you to confirm your order. So please make sure you give a valid email address when buying your store items.

How Do I Buy Videos And Photo Sets?

Some of our Fantasy Ladies sell videos and photo sets, you can access their video store from the "My Videos" section on their profile page, and their photo set store from the "My Photos" section on their profile. To buy videos or photo sets you will need to be logged in and have credits in your account. Hit the Buy Now button for the video or photo set that you would like to purchase. You will have 48 hours to view your video online or to download it. Photo sets can be viewed as a slideshow, and you can download them in a zip file. Depending on where you are accessing our website, you will see the prices of the videos and photo sets in either £, $ or €, and 1 credit is equal to £1, $1 and €1.

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